Luis Suárez Ownership and Captaincy

After a points bonanza on Wednesday, this gameweek has been a bitter disappointment for a lot of FPL managers so far. Luis Suárez was the only popular pick to get another points haul, but it doesn’t seem to have given much pleasure to most fantasy managers as ‘everybody has captained him’. Let’s see who has profited from his points today and for whom they were irrelevant.


I’ve estimated his approximate ownership and captaincy rates for every 100K in the top 1.5 million FPL teams based on their overall rank. I used my 20,000 random sample as a data source. Click on the graph to make it larger.


What can I say?

  • If you’re in the top 100K, Suárez’ points are pretty much irrelevant to you. 97% of the teams around you have Suárez, 91.7% have captained him. Those who didn’t captain him, have probably gone for Aguero, which means that you’ll most likely gain only 9 extra points on them if you have both Aguero and Suarez (15 points for Suarez minus 6 points for Aguero).
  • For those with lower ranks, the Suárez points haul is much more relevant and its relevance increases as we go down the table. So, a nice green arrow is more likely for you, but it won’t bring the top 100K closer to you points-wise.

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