Suarez Ownership and Captaincy GW 16

Luis Suárez’ captainers broke the FPL site, so while waiting to get access to this week’s points, I present a graph for the percentages of his owners and captainers among the first 1.5 million FPL teams. I’d like to remind that he is a captain in 24% of all FPL teams and 35% of the teams in the top 10,000. Here are other data.

Suarez GW 16


2 comments on “Suarez Ownership and Captaincy GW 16

  1. Interesting stat. Like your blog and the work you are doing with Fantasy numbers. Goes to show that Suarez is so popular that you are essentially playing with 10 men. He’s a given.

    • Yeah, at least in the weeks when everybody gives him the armband, for example the previous two or the next one vs Cardiff at home. This week everybody who didn’t captain him lost big time…
      And don’t forget about Ramsey and his ownership. Next week we all will be effectively playing with 9 men. Suarez (c) and Ramsey will score same points for everyone who is still alive 🙂

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