DGW 34 Player Analysis

Another double gameweek has arrived. How many DGW players have fantasy managers opted for this time? Let’s take a look.

The same way as in GW31, I summarise this week’s data for starting line-ups. In the tables below, starting line-ups are broken down by club and by position. Captains are counted twice. To calculate the average number of DGW players, I sum up the average numbers of players per FPL team from CrPalace, Everton, MCity, and Sunderland.

In GW 31, an average top 10K team had only 1.6 more DGW players than an average FPL team. This time there is a more striking difference:

  • 7 DGW players in an average top 10K side;
  • 3.6 DGW players in an average FPL team.


Table 1. In the top 10K, an average team has 7 DGW players (3*EVE, 2.8*MCI, 0.8*CRY, 0.4*SUN) and 5 players with only one game.

DGW34 graph1

  • Everton and Manchester City are the teams with the biggest coverage among the top 1oK players: 3.0 and 2.8 players per team respectively.
  • Romelu Lukaku was chosen by 75% teams, in 51.5% he received the armband. Hence, each point he  scores this week will increase the top 10K average by 1.265 points. Other Everton players account for another 1.7 players.

Table 2. In the overall FPL league, an average team has only 3.6 DGW players (1.6*EVE, 1.6*MCI, 0.2*CRY, 0.2*SUN) and 8.4 players with one game.

DGW34 graph2

  • Manchester City and Everton are equally popular: 1.6 players per average team. However, Liverpool is still the most popular club despite the single game against Manchester City this week.


Table 3. Breakdown by number of DGW players

DGW34 graph3

As we can see, most teams in the top 10K have 6-9 DGW players. In contrast, most teams in the whole game have 1-5 DGW players this time.

5 fantasy managers in the top 10K went ‘all-in’ and loaded up on DGW players as much as possible. There wasn’t even a place for Suarez in their line-ups. Here they are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

2 fantasy managers in the top 10K think that double gameweeks are for losers: 1, 2.


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