GW 38 Final Results

Please welcome to the final results for GW 38. Bonus points are projected according to the BPS, autosubs and vice-captains done.

Expected overall average is 44 points.

Average score in the top 10K is 54.5(-1.9) points.

Average score in the top 1K is 55.0 (-1.9) points.


Random Sample Top 10K
Number of Managers 20,000 10,000
GW38 Average Score 44.2 54.5
Average Points Deducted for Point Hits 0.6 1.9
Players Played per Team (out of 12) 10.9 11.8
Captains Played 97.5% 100.0%
of Which: Vice-Captains 8.5% 0.6%






Random Sample Top 10K
Source of Points Points % of the Average Points % of the Average
Minutes Played 21.2 47.9% 23.4 43.0%
Goals Scored 7.1 16.2% 9.4 17.3%
Assists 5.7 12.9% 8.6 15.9%
Clean Sheet Points 7.3 16.5% 8.3 15.3%
Goals Conceded -0.8 -1.6% -1.1 -1.9%
Own Goals and Penalty Misses -0.3 -0.7% -0.2 -0.3%
Red and Yellow Cards -1.0 -2.1% -0.9 -1.5%
Saves and Penalty Saves 0.3 0.7% 0.2 0.5%
Bonus Points 4.6 10.5% 6.6 12.1%
TOTAL 44.2 100.0% 54.5 100.0%


Random Sample Top 10K
Player GW Points Per Average Team % of the Average Player GW Points Per Average Team % of the Average
Yaya Touré 6 3.1 6.9% Yaya Touré 6 5.6 10.2%
Ramsey 10 2.9 6.6% Ramsey 10 4.6 8.4%
Sturridge 8 2.3 5.3% Mata 9 4.2 7.8%
Zabaleta 9 2.3 5.2% Gerrard 11 4.0 7.3%
Coleman 6 2.2 5.0% Sturridge 8 3.8 7.0%
Gerrard 11 2.1 4.7% Zabaleta 9 3.7 6.8%
Suárez 2 1.7 4.0% Nasri 11 3.4 6.3%
Mata 9 1.4 3.2% Suárez 2 3.4 6.3%
Giroud 5 1.3 2.9% Coleman 6 2.9 5.4%
Dzeko 5 1.2 2.8% Dzeko 5 2.5 4.7%


Random Sample Top 10K
Line in Formation Points % of the Average Points % of the Average
Goalkeeper 2.6 5.8% 1.9 3.5%
Defenders 12.3 27.8% 13.7 25.1%
Midfielders 17.0 38.5% 25.9 47.6%
Forwards 12.3 27.9% 13.0 23.9%
Points for Captain 7.2 16.2% 5.7 10.6%
Points on the Bench 2.2 5.1% 4.9 9.1%
Points off the Bench 3.8 8.6% 1.7 3.2%
TOTAL 44.2 100.0% 54.5 100.0%


Random Sample Top 10K
Position Points Points
Goalkeeper 3.0 2.1
Defender 3.9 4.5
Midfielder 4.3 6.3
Forward 4.4 3.8
(*) This table only accounts for players who have played positive minutes this week


Random Sample Top 10K
Maximum Points 96 points 91 points
Best Defense Line 62 points 42 points
Best Midfield Line 55 points 53 points
Best Forward Line 42 points 32 points
Best Bench 24 points 26 points
Bonus Points Magnet 19 points 18 points


Random Sample Top 10K
Minimum Points 0 points 24 points
Worst Defense Line -1 points -1 points
Worst Midfield Line 0 points 6 points
Worst Forward Line -1 points 2 points
Cards Magnet -8 points -6 points

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In this post, I take a look at 2 samples: randomly selected 20,000 FPL teams and the top 10,000 FPL teams as of the start of the gameweek.

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13 comments on “GW 38 Final Results

    • Cheers, commitment has been the hardest part… Looking back at the mare of a season that I had (it was my worst season ever), I’m a little surprised myself how diligent I was with respect to this blog 🙂

      • Yeah, blogs are more work than most people realize. I wonder just how many dead ones are floating around cyberspace.

        • Sorry, not going to calculate that 🙂
          Yeah… The biggest challenge for me is the dependence on FPL schedule, i.e. the need to be at specific times at home awake and ready to run scripts and macros and upload the results. FPL timing fitted rather well my real life schedule this season, but it’s still a burden that binds and impacts real life, which isn’t good 😦 If I keep doing this next season, I’ll have to find a way to deal with this problem…

          • Good one, I had that coming.

            If you give it up next season there will be lots of disappointed but understanding folks on FFS. When I first became a regular there I used to just post something like “Has the stats guy posted the averages yet?” Then someone would post the number and mention the name of the site. So finally I thought I’d actually do the work of cutting and pasting it and having a look-see. Now I’m one of the folks who checks this site and reports the numbers to the unwashed masses, and gets thanked for it. 🙂 Now I think your blog has people conditioned to expect the pre- gameweek data an hour before first match and the results within 45 minutes of the end of each game day.

            Have a great off-season.

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for a brilliant job compiling these stats. I only came across your blog about GW33, and have looked forward to finding out the 10K avg after each GW, as it gives a more accurate guide as to whether or not I will climb the overall table. The other stats have proven useful too and I hope you are able to continue next season, FPL Discovery has become one of my favourite FPL resources.

    Also you mention in your about me page that you compile the stats using a bit of basic JavaScript and VBA is there any resource that you would recommend for a total beginner who wanted to learn to do similar things to what you do with FPL stats?

    Thanks again.

    • Cheers.

      Yeah, I use JS to pull data and VBA to compile stats and generate HTML code. But I’m afraid I can’t help you with the resources for beginners… I’m not a native English speaker, and most resources that I know are in my native language…

      But seriously, just try google or ask this on some computer geeks forum, there must be plenty of good resources over the English segment of the Internet.

      Also, before learning JavaScript, you’ll need to get an idea of how HTML and CSS work, otherwise JS won’t make much sense…

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