What is FPL Discovery?

FPL Discovery is a blog that takes a look at the Fantasy Premier League game from a statistical point of view.

The game provides us with a lot of statistical data on the main page and on the special statistics page. However, there is a lot more to be discovered. Have you ever wondered how many FPL teams captain Sergio Aguero or any other player? How are they distributed across the rankings? How many of the best 10,000 fantasy managers own Mesuth Özil or any other player? How many teams have played their chips so far?

Answering questions like these is the goal of this blog. Get on board and you’ll discover new dimensions of the FPL game.

What is posted on this blog?

There are 2 general kinds of posts on this blog: regular posts and research posts.

Regular posts are posted every gameweek and include:

  • Gameweek statistics on transfers and team selection (statistics on ownerships, captaincy decisions, recent transfers, wildcards)
  • Intermediate results (intermediate gameweek results at the end of a match day)
  • Final results (final gameweek results at the end of a gameweek)

Research posts are posted from time to time, whenever I find some spare time and an interesting topic to write about. If you have any ideas on possible topics, please feel free to share them.

All posts are categorised and each category can be selected in the menu above.

What information do regular posts contain?

Some important notes:

  • All posts with intermediate and final results always include projected (or actual) bonus points
  • All posts with final results always include autosubs and vice-captains

When are regular posts usually posted?

Gameweek statistics are posted at the start of each gameweek. Typical time for a post with gameweek statistics is 15 minutes after FPL updates for a new gameweek.

Intermediate results are posted at the end of each FPL match day, after all the games for that day have finished. I usually post results right after the last game and update later if there are any significant changes in bonus points. The BPS are usually reshuffled during the next 30-40 minutes after the games which leads to changes in bonus points allocations. Usually, the reshuffling process for each game ends when the ESP numbers appear on the FPL site.

Final results are posted at the end of each gameweek. The time frame is the same as in the case of the intermediate results. 

However, all the typical terms above are subject to my presence at home and having a stable Internet connection.

How are posts prepared?

I have written a program to pull, process, and upload the data. The process involves a few steps:

  • At the start of each gameweek I run a script for the top 10,000 teams and for a random selection of 20,000 FPL teams. This script runs through the FPL site and collects all the data of interest for a certain selection of FPL teams: players selected, captain choice, vice-captain choice, overall rank etc.
  • To prepare my posts, I run VBA macros that process the collected raw data and create all the tables and graphs.
  • The resulting HTML code, graphs, and a post picture are uploaded and posted.

About Me

I’m just another FPL fan who happens to know some programming languages, loves working with data, and has too much free time on his hands. I’ve been playing FPL since the 2006/2007 season and finished twice in the top 1K. I will win the game next season. This is me typing this post:



fantasy.statistics at gmail.com


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    • Hey, Mike, what’s not to see? 😉 There is a list of 50 top teams per page, hit ‘next’ at the bottom to see the list of the next 50 teams, and so on. Each team name in those lists contains a link to that team’s FPL page, and that team’s ID is a part of that link.

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