Season 2013/14 Summary – Point Hits Taken

description summary of FPL Discovery posts for season 2013/14
gameweeks included 12-38 (first 11 gameweeks are missing)
samples examined – random samples of 20,000 FPL teams
– samples of top 10,000 FPL teams as of the start of each gameweek
team selection
Point hits

Point Hits Taken

In this section, I sum up my stats on the point hits taken.

1. Average Breakdown

Average Weekly Point Hits Taken

  • The stats on point hits basically reflect the stats on transfers made. One or zero transfers made always mean no point hits, 2 transfers made mean a point hit in roughly a half of observations. As a result, in an average gameweek, 90% of FPL teams dispense with point hits; the correspondning number among top teams is 75%.

2. Breakdown Dynamics

2.1. Random Sample Dynamics
Point Hits Breakdown - Random Sample
2.2. Top 10K dynamics

Point Hits Breakdown - Top 10K

  • In FPL in general, the average breakdown was more or less stable during the season as the more aggresive transfer activity among active teams made up for the effect of the rising number of dead teams. As the diagrams above show, the end of the season drove top teams to a point hits frenzy with a little break in GW32 and GW33.
2.3. Percentage of teams which took point hits for both samples

Teams with Point Hits Taken

  • The extreme points for the diagram above are in the table below. GW27 was the calmest one for both samples. It’s so calm before the storm.
Random Sample Top 10K Sample
STATS Value GW Value GW
Season Average 10.1% 25.3%
Minimum 6.0% 27 8.4% 27
Maximum 15.0% 17 68.8% 37

3. Average Points Deducted

This is the ultimate metric describing point hits taken. It shows the size of a hit that an average team in a sample took for a given gameweek.

Average Points Deducted

  • On average, an FPL team took a 0.68 point hit every gameweek, top 10K spent on transfers 1.32 points per gameweek, i.e. almost twice as much.
Random Sample Top 10K Sample
STATS Value GW Value GW
Season Average 0.68 1.32
Minimum 0.39 27 0.38 27
Maximum 1.08 37 4.38 37

team selection
Point hits


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