Season 2013/14 Summary – Team Value

description summary of FPL Discovery posts for season 2013/14
gameweeks included 12-38 (first 11 gameweeks are missing)
samples examined – random samples of 20,000 FPL teams
– samples of top 10,000 FPL teams as of the start of each gameweek
team selection
Team value

Team Value

1. Team Value in FPL in General

Team Value - Random Sample

  • Team value of an average FPL team was slowly increasing until it reached its peak in GW 27. After that the trend reversed.
  • Bank value was more or less stable, fluctuating in the range of ₤0.7m-₤1.0m.

2. Team Value of Top 10K Teams

Team Value Top 10K

  • Average team value of teams at the top was also increasing until GW27 and flattened out after that. What’s interesting is that the average money in the bank has significantly increased during the last third of the season. Just think of all that wealth accumulated in vain… And to think that we could have bought Gayle for the last two games instead of Aguero if we had not been that rich! My word, team value is overrated.


team selection
Team value


2 comments on “Season 2013/14 Summary – Team Value

    • I think the causality is reverse, high team value is rather a result of being in the top 10K than a cause. Top teams have players who score good points, players who score good points rise in price, team value of top teams rises.
      Do they need this extra value? At the end of last season, top teams had a lot of money in the bank which means that they didn’t really need so much. It doesn’t mean that this season will be the same though. Depends on how many of the most expensive players are on fire.

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