Season 2014/15 Summary – Formations

description summary of FPL Discovery posts for season 2014/15
gameweeks included 1-38 (full season)
samples examined – random samples of 20,000 FPL teams
– samples of top 10,000 FPL teams as of the start of each gameweek (in GW 1 both samples were identical as there is no top 10K at the start of a season)
team selection



  • It is hard to find teams lining up with five defenders or one striker, especially at the top of FPL rankings. ‘3-4-3’, ‘4-4-2’, ‘3-5-2’, and ‘4-3-3’ dominate the formation choice. The default choice of ‘4-4-2’ makes it popular among casuals, the vast majority of top teams prefer to play with 3 defenders at the back.



  • Being the default choice, ‘4-4-2’ dominated the FPL overall league in GW 1. As soon as many newbies realised that it’s not the only option and that ‘3-4-3’ and ‘3-5-2’ were more exciting prospects, its popularity decreased and stabilised at roughly 30% with occasional sparks when something short-term happened to a popular forward like Diego Costa in GW 14, Charlie Austin in GW 16, or Harry Kane in GW 27.



  • Up top, these trends were even easier to observe. Those newbies who initially succeeded with ‘4-4-2’ were quickly squeezed out by ‘3-4-3’ adherents during the first few weeks. After that ‘3-4-3’ became a default choice for 80%-90% top 10K teams with occasional deviations caused by short-term injuries, suspensions, or rotation of a cheap striker with a midfielder.



  • As a result, an average formation was roughly ‘3.5 – 4 – 2.5’ in FPL in general and ‘3.15 – 4.10 – 2.75’ up top.



  • The ‘3.5 – 4 – 2.5’ formation of FPL in general was pretty stable over the season.



  • The ‘3.15 – 4.1 – 2.75’ of top 10K was less stable because top managers actively responded to short-term factors affecting highly owned players in a similar manner.


Last Season

team selection


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