Season 2014/15 Summary – Point Hits

description summary of FPL Discovery posts for season 2014/15
gameweeks included 1-38 (full season)
samples examined – random samples of 20,000 FPL teams
– samples of top 10,000 FPL teams as of the start of each gameweek (in GW 1 both samples were identical as there is no top 10K at the start of a season)
team selection
Point hits

Point Hits


  • Point hits correlate with transfer activity. They were also taken almost twice as often in the top 10K as in FPL in general: in an average GW, every fifth top 10K team and every tenth FPL team took some kind of a point hit.



  • Casual FPL teams take hits rarer than top FPL teams (ghost teams drag casuals down), but they are more reckless in this respect: 1.35% FPL teams spend 12 or more points on transfers vs. only 0.51% in top 10K. Indeed, a lot of teams in FPL play for a high GW rank or simply enjoy making multiple transfers, but such teams are less likely to get into top 10K.



  • Obviously, most hits taken in the top 10K samples are 4 point hits: 16.12%.
  • Over the whole season, point hits of 16 points or more were taken less than on 500 occasions by top 10K teams. I’m responsible for 2 of those 😎



  • Quite logically, the most points for extra transfers were thrown away in the two gameweeks with the highest transfer activity, GW 16 and DGW 34.
  • On average, top 10K teams spent 0.93 points per gameweek for extra transfers during the season; the corresponding number for FPL in general was lower: 0.68 points per gameweek.

Last Season

team selection
Point hits


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