FPL Discovery Stats Summary 2014/2015

The season is over, the dust has settled, which can only mean one thing – the time has come to unleash my inner nerd and do some number crunching 🙂

Today, I start the series of post-season reviews with the summary of all the stats that appeared in my blog during the season. This summary is now available from the menu above.

Although it’s been the second season for me running this blog, for the first time my regular posts covered an entire season: I started my blog only in GW12 last season. Even though the last season data were not complete, I tried to compare stats from this season with last season numbers where appropriate and to see in what ways this season was different.

The most significant changes happened with respect to wildcard timing, team values, and turnover of teams up top:

  • This season, more teams managed to perform well during its first half without using their wildcards and all those saved wildcards came in handy during the final part. No wonder that among the final top 50 players 35(!) played their wildcards late. Last season, wildcards were pretty useful for final gameweeks as well, but getting to the top 10K without playing them in the first half of the season was problematic.
  • FPL has changed their algorithm for price changes, and consequently team values were nowhere near as high as they were a season ago.
  • Even though this season was lower scoring compared to the previous one, the gaps between top teams were wider. As a result, top 10K turned into a more closed club with a smaller turnover of teams in there.

I elaborate on all these conclusions and many others in this summary. Graphical evidence abounds. Take a look.


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