15/16 GW 38 Final Results

Hello and welcome to the final results for GW 38. The stats include actual bonus points as below.

MUN 3 – 1 BOU Rooney MUN (3) Rashford MUN (2) Valencia MUN (1)


Top 10K Overall
Teams in Sample 10,000 20,000
Points Scored 43.6 39.2
Points Deducted 2.1 0.6
Net Points Scored 41.5 38.6
Aggregate Measure* 11.4 10.9
– Started Players (out of 11)** 10.4 9.9
– Captains*** 99.7% 97.0%
Average Players Subbed In 1.5 1.5
Vice-Captains Subbed In 1.5% 9.7%
Average Points for Autosubs (incl. VC) 3.2 4.8
Average Points Left on the Bench 1.3 1.8
GW 38 Average Captain Score (Not Doubled) 4.0 4.1

* Icludes all the started players who played positive minutes; captains are counted twice, triple captains are counted thrice; players who played twice are counted twice
** Includes all the started players out of 11 (or 15 if Bench Boost is on) who played positive minutes; players who played twice are counted once
*** Includes captains who played positive minutes (both normal and triple captains); captains who played twice are counted once


Chart with Distribution of Gameweek Points




Top 10K Overall
Score Gain/Loss on Normal Teams Score Gain/Loss on Normal Teams
Normal Teams 43.3 38.8
Triple Captain 47.4 +4.1 45.4 +6.6
Bench Boost 46.0 +2.8 44.4 +5.6
All Out Attack 42.9 -0.4 41.7 +2.9
Wildcard 47.4 +4.1 45.2 +6.4
All Teams 43.6 +0.4 39.2 +0.4


Top 10K Overall
# Player Team GW Points Per Average Team # Player Team GW Points Per Average Team
1 Bellerin ARS 11 7.9 1 Bellerin ARS 11 3.3
2 Aguero MCI 5 4.6 2 Ozil ARS 6 2.4
3 Sanchez ARS 3 4.6 3 Aguero MCI 5 2.3
4 Giroud ARS 17 3.1 4 Giroud ARS 17 2.2
5 Mane SOT 13 1.8 5 Lukaku EVE 5 1.8
6 Martial MUN 5 1.5 6 Rooney MUN 12 1.4
7 Gabriel ARS 6 1.2 7 Cech ARS 6 1.4
8 Rashford MUN 8 1.1 8 Mahrez LEI 2 1.3
9 Kane TOT 2 1.0 9 Wijnaldum NEW 15 1.2
10 Mahrez LEI 2 1.0 10 Monreal ARS 10 1.1
Other Players 15.7 Other Players 20.8
TOTAL 43.6 TOTAL 39.2


Top 10K Random Sample
Maximum Points 95 points 103 points
Best Back Line 46 points 56 points
Best Midfield 47 points 55 points
Best Forwards 64 points 64 points
Maximum Bonus Points 15 points 17 points
Best Bench 20 points 34 points
Best Autosubs 34 points 46 points


Top 10K Random Sample
Minimum Points 13 points 0 points
Worst Back Line 0 points 0 points
Worst Midfield 1 points 0 points
Worst Forwards 2 points 0 points
Cards Magnet -4 points -8 points

13 comments on “15/16 GW 38 Final Results

  1. Did the Smalling OG help or hurt my rank as a DDG owner in the top 10k? Loss of 4 points for me, but loss of 7 points on presumed bonus for Smalling owners
    Thanks for all your hard work this season and look forward to the reviews

    • The moment my live widget updated for the Bournemouth goal, the top 10K average went down by roughly 4 points. Meaningless goal for you, but it hurt us, Smalling owners šŸ™‚

  2. Hi, I gave a small donation, thanks for your work.
    I was wondering if you had considered, or would consider analysing the most successful managers over a few seasons? e.g. which accounts have scored the most points over the last 3/last 5 seasons.

      • Oh I hadn’t looked at the FFS hall of fame before. Although it’s not particularly flexible. All those links in the thread link to different teams now which is a shame. I’ll look forward to it if you do decide to look at the data again later this summer

        • Yeah, but all of those names are on the first page of the FFS HOF (except for Sean Creamer who is not there, and triggerlips is Nick.), you can find their team ids for this season there.

  3. Hey Smarty Pants,

    Are you planning any of your excellent end of season summary articles or did the site moving to ”update” status very quickly, followed by a website upgrade, take away the chance?

    • The articles are ‘imminent’ hehe šŸ˜€

      On a serious note, I got all the data saved, just don’t have the time and mood to write anything yet. I also have some other work on the blog planned, so I won’t be able to prepare as many articles as last season before new season starts.

      Most likely, there will be one article with last season highlights shortly before new season starts (in 2-3 weeks), more analysis will follow during the season.

      Any particular stats/charts you’re interested in?

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